Updated: 20-Nov-2003 NATO Press Releases


20 Nov. 2003

Statement by the North Atlantic Council
following the terrorists attacks in Istanbul

20/11/2003 - NRC
NATO-Russia Council condemns terrorist attacks in Istanbul
20/11/2003 - NATO
NATO Secretary General expresses outrage
at terrorist attacks in Istanbul
15/11/2003 - NATO
NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, condemns the terrorist attacks in Istanbul
NATO's contribution to the fight against terrorism

The North Atlantic Council with the invited nations, meeting this afternoon, condemns in the strongest terms the outrageous and barbaric attacks which were carried out this morning in Istanbul. Once again, terrorism has claimed a heavy toll in human life and injury among innocent victims.

The Allies extend their condolences and deepest sympathy to the families of those killed or wounded in these indiscriminate and cowardly attacks. NATO also expresses its full and unwavering solidarity to its two Allies, Turkey and the United Kingdom, which have been targeted in this latest act of terrorism.

At the same time, NATO reaffirms its determination to use all the means at its disposal and to cooperate fully with other international organizations to fight terrorism in all its forms and bring those responsible for these inhuman acts to justice.

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