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11 Nov. 2003

First Joint EU-NATO Crisis Management Exercise (CME/CMX 03)

NATO-EU: a strategic partnership

The European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) will conduct their first ever joint crisis management exercise, CME/CMX 03, from 19 to 25 November 2003, based on a range of standing arrangements for consultation and cooperation between the EU and NATO in times of crisis, and the other relevant elements of "Berlin Plus" arrangements.

CME/CMX 03 will concentrate on how the EU plans at the strategic politico-military level for an envisaged EU-led operation with recourse to NATO assets and capabilities, where NATO as a whole is not engaged.

CME/CMX 03 will be based on a fictitious crisis scenario, initially developed by the EU in accordance with the principles of the UN Charter. This scenario leads to the consideration of options for a possible EU crisis management operation under Article 17.2 of the Treaty on European Union (humanitarian and rescue tasks, peacekeeping tasks and tasks of combat forces in crisis management, including peacemaking). It will concentrate on the crisis management phases preceding a decision to take action; therefore, no troops will be deployed.

The exercise will focus on the interaction between the EU and NATO at the strategic politico-military level based on a range of standing arrangements for consultation and co-operation between the two organisations in times of crisis leading to the appointment of an Operational Commander and to the EU tasking for military operational planning. In this context, the relevant decisions on the involvement of the non-EU European Allies and Canada will be taken into account.

The exercise will also actively test civilian instruments of the EU including Community instruments administered by the Commission, and lead to EU taskings for civilian operational planning.

CME/CMX 03 will be conducted in Brussels and in national capitals. On the EU side, it will involve all Member States, the relevant Council instances, the Secretary-General/High Representative, the Commission and the EU Satellite Centre. On the NATO side, all Allies will be involved, as well as all relevant bodies at NATO HQ including national Delegations and NATO’s Strategic Commanders’ Headquarters (SHAPE).

This exercise will allow both the EU and NATO to complement the lessons learned from their actual cooperation on the EU-led operation Concordia, with a view to further enhancing their concerted contribution to peace and stability.

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