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12 Sep. 2003

North Atlantic Council meeting with the Political and Security Committee of the European Union

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) and the Political and Security Committee (PSC) of the European Union will meet on Monday, 15 September 2003, at the Justus Lipsius Building in Brussels.

The NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, the European Union High Representative for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Mr. Javier Solana, and the PSC Chairman, Ambassador Maurizio Melani, will jointly take questions from the Press at the end of the meeting, around 12:15 hours (VIP entrance – level 02).

The Secretary General’s schedule is subject to change. For further information, please contact the NATO Press and Media Service in Brussels, tel: +32 2 707 50 41, fax: +32 2 707 50 57.

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