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3 June 2003


Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission
in Foreign Ministers' Session
Madrid, Spain

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met today in Foreign Ministerial Session in Madrid. Ministers discussed the contribution of the NATO-Ukraine Distinctive Partnership to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area and reviewed NATO-Ukraine relations, including the current status of implementation of the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan and Annual Target Plan 2003 (ATP).

Ministers welcomed the fact that NATO and Ukraine have taken their relationship to a qualitatively new level since adopting the NATO-Ukraine Action Plan at their last meeting in Prague on 22 November 2002. The joint principles and objectives contained in the Action Plan, and supported by an Annual Target Plan 2003, have provided a constructive framework for a deeper and broader NATO Ukraine relationship, and reflect NATO’s support for Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic orientation. Under these Plans, NATO and Ukraine have undertaken intensified consultations and cooperation on a wide range of issues.

Minister Zlenko outlined Ukraine’s efforts to introduce and pursue far-reaching reforms in the political, economic, military and defence sphere. He emphasized that Ukraine would redouble its efforts to strengthen democracy, the rule of law, freedom of speech and press, the separation of powers and judicial independence. Minister Zlenko also emphasized that Ukraine will continue to carry forward its defence and security sector reforms, with the aim of restructuring and reorganizing its defence and security establishment into a democratically controlled and effective organization able to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to contribute to peace and stability in the Euro-Atlantic area.

NATO Ministers welcomed the effort that Ukraine has made to implement its commitments made at the NUC Foreign Ministers' meeting in Prague, including the progress made in implementing activities under the objectives of the ATP 2003, while emphasizing that more remains to be done. They noted Ukraine's reaffirmation of its intent to intensify the implementation of the Action Plan and ATP for 2003, and called upon Ukraine to continue to implement its reforms in conformity with principles of democracy and international law. Allied Ministers reiterated that these efforts contribute to the strengthening of NATO-Ukraine Distinctive Partnership, and are important to Ukraine’s pursuit of its aspirations towards full integration into Euro-Atlantic security structures.

In this context, the Commission noted the Co-Chairmen's report of the recent semi-annual assessment meeting held on the implementation of the Action Plan and ATP 2003.

The Commission also commended the contributions to NATO-Ukraine cooperation made by the NATO Information and Documentation Centre and the NATO Liaison Office, both located in Kyiv.

Ministers concluded that NATO and Ukraine will continue to strengthen the NATO-Ukraine relationship, and to pursue policies of transparency and cooperation in matters of common concern. The consolidation of closer relations between NATO and Ukraine under the Charter on a Distinctive Partnership is an essential contribution to stability and security in the Euro-Atlantic area, and remains one of the guiding principles of the NATO-Ukraine relationship.

Ministers expressed their gratitude to the Spanish authorities for their warm hospitality.

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