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23 May 2003

The NATO Verification Co-Ordinating Committee (VCC) will host the Annual Seminar on the Implementation Aspects of what is a Cornerstone of European Security and Stability:
The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces In Europe

From 26 until 28 May, the NATO Verification Co-ordinating Committee (VCC) will host its annual Seminar on the implementation of conventional arms control agreements. The focus of the Seminar will be on the practical aspects of the on-going implementation of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, which is considered to be a cornerstone of European security. Since the Treaty’s entry into force in 1992 over 3.500 inspections have taken place under its inspection protocol.

The 30 States Parties to the CFE Treaty, represented by high-level staff from the arms control and disarmament departments in the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence will attend the first sessions of the Seminar. They will then be joined by representatives from all of the other EAPC countries to discuss items of common interest in the area of conventional arms control.

Although the current CFE Treaty does not provide for accession of new states parties, the Adapted CFE Treaty, upon entry into force, will provide an accession mechanism and several non-CFE EAPC Partner countries have already stated their intention to request accession when this becomes possible.

Conducted under the auspices of the Euro Atlantic Partnership Council, the VCC Seminar takes place in Brussels, at NATO Headquarters and is the latest in a series of highly successful joint seminars and workshops for Allies and Partners. It provides an informal framework to openly discuss verification and implementation aspects, plan for joint multinational activities, define common training requirements and address issues of concern.

The Seminar will also address practical aspects of other conventional arms control agreements such as the Open Skies Treaty, the Vienna Document 99 and the Dayton Peace Agreement. Guest speakers will include high level representatives from the OSCE, NATO countries and Russia.

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