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13 Mar. 2003


by the NATO Spokesman
on the Assassination of the Prime Minister of Serbia,
Mr. Zoran Djindjic

Today, NATO Ambassadors meeting in the North Atlantic Council expressed their deep shock and outrage at the assassination of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Zoran Djindjic. Mr Djindjic was regarded by all as a reformer who had had the courage and vision to introduce difficult changes to make his country a full part of the Euro-Atlantic community.

The Council considered his murder as a reminder of the continuing threat from criminal gangs and extremist groups, working together to undermine the steady progress of the region towards full democracy and stability. The assassination of Mr Djindjic was an assault against all those who are working for the future rather than living in the past.

Ambassadors also emphasised that the murder illustrated the necessity for vigorous action against organised crime and corruption in all the countries of the region. There can be no compromise or delays in acting against people who by this latest outrage have shown that they truly fear democracy and reform.

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