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28 January 2002

Press Statement

On NATO-Russia Co-Operation In Combating Terrorism

NATO Allies and Russia have condemned terrorism in all its manifestations and pledged to spare no efforts in bringing to justice its perpetrators, organisers and sponsors and in defeating this scourge. They have agreed to strengthen their cooperation under the Founding Act to achieve this objective.

Today, senior-level representatives of NATO Allies and Russia met again to take stock of their cooperative efforts and to reiterate their determination to intensify further their common struggle against the terrorist threat. Since their October meeting, NATO and Russia have already launched a broad range of initiatives in this area. These include, inter alia, regular exchange of information and in-depth consultation on issues relating to terrorist threats, the prevention of the use by terrorists of ballistic missile technology and nuclear, biological and chemical agents, civil emergency planning, and the exploration of the role of the military in combating terrorism. Joint work on these and other measures aimed at defeating terrorism will be further developed through appropriate NATO-Russia channels on a regular and comprehensive basis.

NATO and Russia remain committed to the further intensification of their co-operative efforts to defeat the terrorist threat.

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