Updated: 21-Nov-2002 NATO Press Releases


21 Nov. 2002

NATO AGS radar cooperation statement of intent

NATO welcomes the news that six of its member nations, from both sides of the Atlantic, have joined together to pursue cooperative development of a radar that will be an essential element of an Alliance Ground Surveillance (AGS) capability. Earlier this week, prior to the Prague NATO Summit, the National Armaments Directors of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United States signed a "Statement of Intent to Assess a Cooperative Radar Development.

The Statement of Intent is a practical demonstration of true and equitable transatlantic cooperation and specifies that the participating nations will jointly design and build a radar sensor, leveraging, where possible, technology from existing programs. Specific technology and information sharing agreements are yet to be worked out, but the goal is to maximize the exchange of information among participants and their industries, within the constraints of each nation. The Transatlantic Cooperative AGS Radar (TCAR) will be designed primarily for the ongoing NATO core-owned and operated AGS project, but will also be available for participants'use to meet other national defense requirements.

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