Updated: 14-Oct-2002 NATO Press Releases

(2002) 117

14 October 2002}

Statement by the NATO Spokesman

The North Atlantic Council decided on Friday, 11 October to extend the mission of Operation Amber Fox from 27 October until 15 December 2002. NATO is grateful to the Netherlands for agreeing to continue to lead the operation for this period.

The decision by the North Atlantic Council follows a request from the President of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1) for NATO to continue the mission after the current mandate expires on October 26, 2002.

Operation Amber Fox provides security for international monitors who are overseeing the re-entry of security forces into former crisis areas. The primary responsibility for the security of the international monitors remains with the Government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

NATO remains committed to the stability and prosperity of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

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