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12 August 2002

Allied Command Europe Mobile Force Land Headquarters to be dissolved in Autumn 2002

On 19 July 2002, based upon the recommendation of NATO's Military Authorities, the Defence Planning Committee has approved the disbandment of Allied Command Europe Mobile Force Land (LAND) (AMF (L)). The decision reflects the progress made on the implementation of NATO's new force structure concept and its continuing adaptation to the strategic environment. The concept of rapid deployment and flexible multinational forces, which was characteristic for AMF, is being incorporated into NATO's new concept of graduated readiness forces. Therefore the command and control structure of AMF(L) can be dissolved; its earmarked forces, however, will remain available for NATO's restructured force pool.

The AMF(L) is an immediate reaction force available to the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). It was created in 1960 as a small multinational force that could be sent on short notice to any part of Allied Command Europe under threat. AMF(L)'s mission was to demonstrate the solidarity of the Alliance and its ability and determination to resist all forms of aggression against any member of the Alliance.

The AMF(L) is a multinational brigade-sized formation, consisting of a Headquarters at Heidelberg (Germany), combat, combat support and combat service support units assigned to it by 14 NATO nations. For over four decades AMF(L) has supported a wide variety of NATO exercises. Elements of the AMF(L) deployed to Albania in support of operation ALLIED HARBOR to assist in the relief of refugees from April 1999 till September 1999. Its aerial counterpart, ACE Mobile Force Air deployed some of its elements to Southeast Turkey during the Gulf War from January 1991 to March 1991.

A dissolution ceremony is scheduled at the AMF(L) Headquarters in Heidelberg on 30 October 2002.

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