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16 July 2002

"NATO Research and Technology Organization Awards the von Kármán Medal"

The NATO Research and Technology Organization (RTO) presented the von Kármán Medal to Dr Michael I. Yarymovych during ceremonies at the Research and Technology Board (RTB) meeting held at Mandelieu, France in March 2002. The medal is awarded annually for exemplary service and significant contribution to the enhancement of progress in research and technology cooperation among the NATO nations, carried out in conjunction with RTO activities.

The von Kármán Medal is named in honor of Dr Theodore von Kármán, considered to be one of the greatest aeronautical scientists of the twentieth century. He formed the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) in 1952, which became the RTO in 1997. The RTO provides a common focus for all of NATO's research and technology activities and provides the Alliance and NATO nations with a strong scientific and technological foundation for the future.

The NATO Council presented the original medal to Dr von Kármán in 1962, in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements, inspiring leadership, and promotion of international scientific cooperation in the NATO Alliance. Dr Yarymovych is the 2001 recipient of the medal. His distinguished service to NATO research and technology covers 3 decades, beginning in 1970 when he was appointed Director of AGARD. During his three-year term, he successfully focused AGARD work on relevant military needs and created the format and structure of publications still in use today. He served as the United States Delegate to the AGARD National Delegates Board (NDB) from 1991 to 1994. He then served as chairman for six years, first being elected Chairman of the NDB in 1994, and then being elected Chairman of the first Research and Technology Board in 1997, when AGARD was disbanded and NATO RTO was established.

His commitment to achieve meaningful technology transfer and sound judgement toward international balance and cooperation enabled the newly formed RTO to successfully integrate the AGARD and DRG programs into a single scientific body dedicated to support NATO and its Allied Forces. He presided over development of the NATO RTO Charter and NATO's Research and Technology Strategy. The certificate accompanying Dr Yarymovych's award cited his "lifetime achievements and exceptional dedication, leadership and sustained commitment to the Research and Technology community".

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