Updated: 27-Nov-2001 NATO Press Releases

(2001) 160

27 Nov. 2001

Defence Ministers Meetings
18 - 19 December 2001

Date and place

The North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers session will meet on 18 December 2001 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The Defence Planning Committee and the Nuclear Planning Group in Ministerial Session will also meet on 18 December, as will the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council. The ministerial meetings of the NATO-Ukraine Commission and the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council are foreseen on 19 December.


(a) Journalists holding NATO permanent press cards need not apply for accreditation.

(b) Correspondents not in possession of a NATO permanent press card will be permitted to the press zone on presentation of numbered individual NATO press passes. Advance application for this accreditation may be made by filling in the enclosed forms (.PDF/17 KB). Please return the completed forms as soon as possible to:

Head of Press & Media Service, NATO, B-1110 Brussels, Belgium.

Further forms may be obtained from the NATO Press Service.

NATO press passes will not be mailed to applicants. They may be collected from the accreditation desk in the press zone as from 14:00 hours on Monday, 17 December 2001.

Note: NATO reserves the right to withhold press cards where no advance application has been submitted.


Details of the programme will be available upon accreditation.


Correspondents are advised that they will not be able to bring vehicles into the NATO compound.


General press arrangements: Mr. F. Le Blévennec tel: + 32 (0)2 707 50 38
TV and Radio: Mr. G. De Brouwer tel: + 32 (0)2 707 50 49
Photo: Mr. A.-J. Soares tel: + 32 (0)2 707 50 46


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