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(2001) 142

22 October 2001


Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission
in Ambassadorial session

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met in Ambassadorial session at NATO Headquarters on 22 October. The Commission reviewed developments in European security, both in the context of the Balkans and of the aftermath of the terrorist attacks against the USA on 11 September.

The Commission reiterated its solidarity with the United States of America and welcomed Ukraine's offer to join the efforts of the international community in the combat against international terrorism. Ambassadors discussed possible avenues of deepening NATO-Ukraine cooperation in this field. Allies also expressed their appreciation of Ukraine's decision to open its airspace for overflight by US aircraft, and its statement that it believed NATO's invocation of Article 5 in response to the attacks to be completely valid.

The Commission reiterated its commitment to peace, stability, democracy and interethnic dialogue in the Balkans, and called on all parties to work together towards these goals. With regard to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1), NATO and Ukraine agreed on the importance of promoting a successful outcome of the peace process. Ambassadors also stressed the urgent need for the completion of the parliamentary ratification of the General Framework Agreement .

In their assessment of the implementation of the NATO-Ukraine Work Plan for 2001, members of the Commission welcomed the continuing practice of high level reciprocal visits, as well as the wide range of political and expert consultations, which are a traditional feature of our Partnership. The NATO-Ukraine Commission also underlined the substantial enhancement of NATO-Ukraine cooperative activities in defense reform, military cooperation, science, technology, environmental protection, economics and civil emergency planning. Ambassadors commended the work of both the NATO Information and Documentation Centre and the NATO Liaison Office in Kyiv, and agreed to actively support them in fulfilling their respective missions.

The substantial progress made by the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (JWGDR) was noted with satisfaction, and the Ambassadors look forward to the results of the second meeting of the JWGDR at senior level, planned for October 25 2001.

Ambassadors expressed their hope that in the coming year NATO and Ukraine will work even closer in their efforts towards enhancing Euro-Atlantic security.

1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia under its constitutional name.

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