Updated: 20-Sep-2001 NATO Press Releases


20 Sept. 2001

Informal Meeting of Defence Ministers (IM 2001)
Naples, Italy, 26 - 27 September 2001

Second Media Advisory

1. Information

Defence Ministers of NATO will hold an informal meeting on the premises of the Academia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli, on the outskirts of Naples, Italy, on 26 and 27 September 2001 under the chairmanship of the NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen. The Minister of Defence of Italy will host the meeting. The Media Centre will be located in the Residenza Allievi, at the Academia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli.

2. Accreditation and security checks

Applications for accreditation should be sent, using the attached form (.PDF/14Kb), which should be returned to the following addresses:

Cdr Massimo Polacci
Circolo Ufficiali
Palazzo Salerno
Piazza del Plebiscito
Naples Italy

Tel: +39 081 245 20 24
+39 081 245 19 75
+39 081 240 51 77
Fax: +39 081 247 11 17

Press passes previously applied for will be available for collection from 10:00 am on Sunday, 23 September, at the Accreditation Centre located in the Circolo Ufficiali, Palazzo Salerno, Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples. A photographic proof of identity (ID card or passport) and an official press card (or letter of accreditation from a recognized media organization) should be presented and must be shown at any time upon request of security personnel.

All media representatives are informed that security personnel at the Media Centre will examine and may test equipment and personal effects carried onto the site. To avoid delays, media representatives are requested to arrive with sufficient time to clear the security checks. Television or radio broadcasters, wire services and photo agencies with bulky equipment are particularly urged to move most of it into the Media Centre as early as possible. Access for deliveries only will be from Sunday, 23 September.

3. Media Centre

The Media Centre staffed by NATO and Italian personnel will be located in the Residenza Allievi, at the Academia Aeronautica in Pozzuoli.

Opening hours for the Media Centre are:

Tuesday, 25 September 09:00 - 24:00 hours
Wednesday, 26 September 06:00 - 24:00 hours
Thursday, 27 September 06:00 - 17:00 hours

The Media Centre will be equipped with adequate workspace, communications and transmission facilities. Television and radio offices will be made available upon request to the host broadcaster.

For specific questions regarding television or radio facilities and broadcast services please contact RAI

For Bookings: Technical contact:
Ms. Lucia Colafrancesco
International production activities
Tel: +39 06 33 17 28 13/00 53
e-mail: i.colafrancesco@rai.it eurovision@rai.it
Augusto Pacelli
Tel: +39 06 33 17 17 05

For specific power and telephone requirements please contact:

Gen Sebasciano Bianca
+ 39 081 52 62 079
+ 39 081 52 61 319

4. News conferences and press briefings

All news conferences and national press briefings will take place in the Media Centre.

5. Transport Parking Visas

Media representatives are advised to use their own means of transportation to and from the airport. Private parking will not be available adjacent to the Media Centre.

Please check with the nearest Italian embassy or consulate regarding visa requirements.

6. Accommodation

Media representatives are advised to book their hotel rooms direcly as soon as possible.

7. Payments

Visa, Master Card and Amex credit cards will be accepted for payment. Currency exchange is available throughout the downtown area.

8. Programme and pools

The final programme of the meeting will be provided upon accreditation. Media events will begin on 26 September 2001.

Requests for pool cards for media events should be made at the Information Desk in the Media Centre.

9. Enquiries

  • Mr François Le Blévennec
    NATO Press and Media Service
    Tel: +32 (0)2 707 50 38
  • Lt. Col Salvatore Flavio Mucia
    Stato Maggiore della Difesa
    Ufficio Publica Informazione
    Tel: +39 33 51 00 05 05

10. Attachment

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