Updated: 15-Aug-2001 NATO Press Releases


15 August 2001

NATO Authorises the Deployment
of Headquarters of Task Force Harvest

Today, the North Atlantic Council (NAC) authorised the immediate deployment to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1) of the Headquarters of Task Force Harvest (TFH), as well as communications assets and other mission-essential elements. The NAC also authorised the release of funds for costs associated with this deployment. These advance elements will establish the Headquarters for Task Force Harvest on the ground and help finalise the details of the plan for the collection of weapons.

NATO took this decision in light of the significant developments which have occurred since the signature of the political framework agreement on 13 August, and in order to build upon the positive momentum towards peace and stability in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

This action does not prejudge the North Atlantic Council's decision to deploy the main body of Task Force once the members of the Alliance are satisfied that the conditions for deployment are met. NATO continues to prepare to deploy rapidly to collect weapons and ammunition, on a voluntary basis, from those who have been fighting with government forces.

With today's decision, NATO confirms its commitment to supporting the ongoing peace process in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The time has come for the people of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to enter a new era of reconciliation to achieve a prosperous, multi-ethnic democratic society.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.
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