Updated: 16-Jul-2001 NATO Press Releases

(2001) 105

16 July 2001

Statement by NATO Secretary General

NATO is watching with intense interest and concern the current political dialogue in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1) . It is clear the process of ending the crisis is now at a crossroads. At such a critical time a durable cease-fire is of the utmost importance and so I call on all sides to continue to respect fully the cease-fire declarations they made and to act with utmost discipline and restraint.

I applaud the efforts all the political parties are making, which have already achieved significant results. However a final agreement will still require difficult decisions by all sides, but the end result, a lasting peace and a stable, prosperous multi-ethnic society, is now within reach. At such a sensitive stage quick progress is vital, and I therefore urge all political parties to redouble their efforts to reach an agreed political settlement very soon.

1. Turkey recognizes the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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