Updated: 20-Jun-2001 NATO Press Releases

(2001) 093

20 June 2001

Statement by the North Atlantic Council

The North Atlantic Council met this morning to consider the situation in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia(1).

In considering President Trajkovski's request for NATO's assistance with the demilitarization process envisaged in the Plan and Programme approved by the President and Government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Allies reaffirmed the urgent need for a successful outcome of the political dialogue between the different parties in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and the cessation of hostilities as an essential precondition for any NATO assistance.

On that basis, and in order to be prepared to act swiftly once this precondition is met, Allies agreed on a Concept of Operations provided by the NATO Military Authorities and asked them to develop an Operational Plan for Council consideration on an urgent basis.

1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.

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