Updated: 11-Jun-2001 NATO Press Releases


11 June 2001


by the Secretary General Concerning Developments
in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1)

I strongly condemn the latest actions by extremist groups in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and denounce their threats of further attacks. The escalation of violence cannot bring a positive outcome. I urge extremists to end their fighting, leave the villages they are occupying and cease the intimidation of innocent civilians. Violence does not serve justice, nor does it contribute to the establishment of a better and fairer society.

President Trajkovski and I talked today and I welcomed his intention to move forward on a comprehensive proposal for ending the crisis. NATO sent a team of experts to Skopje earlier today to provide assistance to the authorities in developing their plans and proposals. NATO’s strong efforts to control movements by extremists across the border with Kosovo continue to have an effect, as clearly shown this weekend with the arrest of 12 extremists by KFOR.

I encourage all political forces in the country to work with President Trajkovski and support the necessary political efforts to end the crisis.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.
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