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(2001) 081

5 June 2001

Joint NATO/WEU Press Release

Western European Union-led Combined Joint Task Force related exercise (Joint Exercise Study 2001)

NATO and the Western European Union (WEU) will conduct a Joint Exercise Study (JES 01) from 11 to 15 June 2001, hosted by the Netherlands Ministry of Defence.

JES 01 is a WEU-led Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) related exercise using NATO assets and capabilities and in particular requiring a CJTF Headquarters, under the political control and strategic direction of the WEU Council.

The exercise is based on a lead in scenario, which portrays a WEU led (Petersberg) UN-mandated Peace Support Operation (PSO) in fictitious "Kiloland" an island country located off the west African coast.

This is an exercise study(1), as such no troops will be deployed.

The aim of the exercise study is to enhance interoperability and develop joint WEU-NATO procedures for establishing and operating a strategic level Operation HQ (OHQ) and to provide general guidelines for operational planning for a WEU-led Combined Joint Task Force related operation using NATO assets and capabilities.

The exercise study is open to all the NATO and WEU nations. The Partnership for Peace (PfP) Program nations, representatives from the UN and the European Union (EU) are invited to send observers to the Netherlands.

NOTE FOR THE EDITOR: A Press Information Cell (PIC) will be established from 11 to 15 June 2001 in Noordwijk, The Netherlands : Tel + 31 71 367 71 20; e-mail : jes01_press@hotmail.com
Media questions prior to the establishment of the PIC should be addressed to:

WEU/ Public Information Office, Tel: + 32 (0)2 500 44 15

SHAPE/ Public Information Office, Tel: + 32 (0)65 44 42 19

1. Various activities which include map exercises, lectures discussion groups, seminars or an operational analysis which involve a limited number of participants with a specific functional focus.

+32 (0)2 707 50 41
+32 (0)2 707 50 57
B-1110 Brussels/Bruxelles

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