Updated: 08-May-2001 NATO Press Releases

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8 May 2001

by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson

I very much welcome today's briefing by a US delegation on the latest administration thinking on missile defence and new concepts of deterrence.

This is just the beginning of a thorough process and I particularly appreciate the commitment to consultation in the North Atlantic Council before any decisions have been made. The meeting was both friendly and constructive, auguring well for future exchanges.

As the US team made clear, we have entered a thinking process in which we are not just exchanging information, but truly considering together the new challenges we face and how best to deal with them. All of NATO's nations have an opportunity to shape the Alliance's approach. The US team also stressed that they are committed to adding to the security of all allies.

The determination to have a genuine dialogue with other concerned parties, especially Russia and China, was also widely welcomed.

Today's meeting shows the determination of all NATO's members to continue working together to find answers to the new risks and problems of the 21st Century. I look forward to our continuing dialogue on these vital issues.

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