Updated: 07-Feb-2001 NATO Press Releases

(2001) 015

7 February 2001

NATO conducts Crisis Management Exercise
(CMX 2001) with Partner countries

NATO will conduct its annual Crisis Management Exercise (CMX 2001) from 15-21 February 2001. Besides the 19 NATO nations, NATO Headquarters and NATO's Strategic Commands, for the first time 14 Partnership for Peace (PfP) countries will also participate in the exercise.

The exercise is designed to practice political and military crisis management procedures, measures and arrangements, taking into account relevant experience from recent peace support operations. The overall purpose of the exercise is to maintain and improve the Alliance's ability to manage crises.

In addition, the exercise is designed to practice agreed arrangements to enable Partners to play an active role in decision-shaping and planning.

The scenario of this command post exercise is hypothetical. It deals mainly with actions NATO might have to take to conduct a UN mandated peace support operation. No actual troops will be deployed.

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