Updated: 14-Dec-2000 Press Statement


13 Dec. 2000

Press Statement

Meeting of the Permanent Joint Council at Ambassadorial Level - Wednesday 13 December 2000

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met on Wednesday, 13 December 2000, at NATO Headquarters.

Following a briefing on the meeting of Military Representatives under the auspices of the PJC held on 7 December 2000, Ambassadors discussed the situation in the Former Yugoslavia and exchanged views on the NATO-Russia cooperation in the international security presence in Kosovo (KFOR). They reviewed the situation in the Presevo Valley and underlined that the international community will not tolerate provocations and other attempts to undermine the peace process.

Following a preparatory expert meeting held on 9 November 2000, Ambassadors addressed the proliferation of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and their delivery means, including discussion of current risks.

Ambassadors reviewed the preparation for the PJC Meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers scheduled for 15 December 2000.

The next PJC meeting at Ambassadorial level will be held on 24 January 2001.

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