Updated: 06-Dec-2000 NATO Press Releases

(2000) 118

6 Dec. 2000


by the Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson,
on Confidence Building Measures between Greece and Turkey

  1. The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, is pleased to be able to announce that the talks on Confidence Building Measures which he has been conducting since the beginning of November, have led to a first result. These talks followed an invitation from the Governments of Greece and Turkey.
  2. At a meeting between the Secretary General and the Permanent Representatives of Greece and Turkey, the two countries have agreed to notify each other, in the framework of the annual exercise conference of NATO, of their respective national exercise schedules for the following year. They will also notify the other side through the usual diplomatic channels on a case-by-case basis of any subsequent changes or additions to these schedules.

  3. This mutual notification will enable both sides to identify as early as possible problems which might be caused by exercises overlapping in time and space. The agreement will take effect immediately, and the first exchange of notifications will take place at the NATO exercise conference to be held in Naples on 11 and 12 December, 2000.

  4. The Secretary General will continue his talks with the aim of reaching further agreements on a number of measures which both countries have agreed to discuss with him. He considers today's agreement as an encouraging start to these talks.

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