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6 Dec. 2000

Statement on NATO-Ukraine

Meeting in Defence Ministers' Session
Brussels, 6 December 2000

The NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) met today in Defence Ministerial Session at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. NATO Ministers expressed appreciation for Ukraine's contribution to NATO-led operations in the Balkans, in particular the participation of the Ukrainian Helicopter Squadron and the Polish-Ukrainian Battalion in KFOR.

The Commission welcomed the progress being made in implementing Ukraine's plans for further restructuring of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including the recent Presidential Decree directing a review of Ukraine's national security and defence concept and development of a strategy for establishing civil control in the defence sphere.

Ministers also welcomed the results of the Senior-Level meeting of the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform (JWG), in particular the wider application of the PfP Planning and Review Process (PARP) to support Ukraine's plan for reform of the armed forces; and the development of specific cooperation in the military activities of other security structures such as the Border Guard and Ministry of Interior and Civil Emergency Forces.

Ministers expressed appreciation for the extensive programme of activities on defence reform for 2001 identified by the JWG. These activities, which are to be carried forward by Ukrainian and NATO competent bodies in the framework of the JWG, include expert team visits on safe storage and destruction of ammunition, base closures, courses on security and defence for deputies and staff of the Rada, and a senior-level seminar on cooperative security to be conducted in Kyiv in July 2001. Ministers noted with satisfaction that implementation of these activities has already begun by the appropriate civil and military authorities.

Ministers noted the "Updated Work Plan for the Military Representatives and Chiefs of Staff within the Framework of the NATO-Ukraine Charter" and the essential contribution of NATO and Ukrainian military authorities in promoting interoperability and defence reform.

Ministers also noted the importance of increased transparency and coordination in relation to bilateral programmes and agreed to explore potential coordination mechanisms to strengthen bilateral and multilateral activities aimed at implementation of defence reform. A first meeting on this subject will take place in London in the Spring 2001.

The Commission welcomed the successful implementation of the PfP Status of Forces Agreement and the conduct of the PfP Exercise "Cooperative Partner 2000" in Ukraine.

Ministers expressed their satisfaction with the programme of cooperation between NATO and Ukraine and the important contribution of the NATO Liaison Office and the NATO Information and Documentation Centre in taking this work forward. They welcomed the posting of two Ukrainian officers to SACLANT and AFSOUTH headquarters.

Ministers noted the great value they place on meetings of the JWG at Senior-Level and agreed to review progress on defence reform when they meet again in Spring 2001.

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