Updated: 29-Nov-2000 NATO Press Releases

(2000) 111

29 Nov. 2000


by Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson

Over the last week there has been an upsurge of violence in Southern Serbia, near the boundary with Kosovo. At a time when there are so many hopeful trends in the region, I particularly condemn those who continue to turn to violence to resolve their differences.

I have now had an exchange of letters with President Kostunica of Yugoslavia, in which he passed on his worries about recent events. I share his concerns and NATO, through KFOR, has already responded vigorously, and is considering further measures.

I have released a detailed statement on the measures being taken, which I draw to your attention.

I welcome the positive tone of President Kostunica's remarks, and his commitment to continue to respect the Military Technical Agreement between KFOR and the Yugoslav and Serbian authorities.

I believe this augurs well for a positive and co-operative relationship in the future.

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