Updated: 30-Oct-2000 NATO Press Releases


30 Oct. 2000


by Lord Robertson, NATO Secretary General,
on the Results of the Kosovo Elections

The successful holding of local elections in Kosovo marks another significant step forward in the province's recovery from the trauma of the last decade. Of particular note is the high turnout and very low level of violence, indicating the desire of the people of Kosovo to see normality return, and to exercise their democratic rights in peace and freedom

The events of the weekend make a stark contrast with events of little more than a year ago, when Kosovars were deprived of even basic rights in the most brutal manner. There is a long way to go in Kosovo, and many problems and hurdles remain, but the voting is the clearest possible sign of how far we have come.

I commend the actions of all those in the international community who made the election possible, but take particular pride in the soldiers of NATO and its allies in KFOR, for their courage and professionalism in ensuring the elections could be held in a secure environment.

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