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17 July 2000

The North Atlantic Council to Visit Balkans
between 17 and 19 July, 2000

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) will go on a fact-finding mission to the Balkans between July 17 and 19 to review progress in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The NAC is NATO's senior decision-making body comprising the 19 NATO ambassadors, the Secretary General, Lord Robertson, and the Chairman of NATO's Military, Admiral Guido Venturoni.

On Monday, 17 July the group will fly to Skopje, in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1), and then will spend Tuesday, July 18 in Kosovo and Wednesday, July 19 in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In all three locales, members of the NAC will meet political leaders and be briefed by officials of Kosovo Force (KFOR) and Stabilisation Force (SFOR), and by representatives from the various UN and other international civilian agencies working to rebuild Kosovo and Bosnia. In meetings with government ministers in Skopje, the NATO delegation will discuss the country's relations with NATO. In Kosovo, the NATO officials will meet Albanians, Serbs and other minorities and will make clear to all sides that violence is not acceptable and that political dialogue represents the only way forward. In Bosnia, the NATO delegation will assess progress made in recent months towards implementation of the Dayton Peace Agreement and the state of preparations for autumn elections.

This visit to the Balkans by the NAC - the second such in nine months -- is a concrete demonstration of the Alliance's continuing commitment to maintain peace and stability throughout southeastern Europe. NATO supports the rights of all ethnic groups and is committed to devote the time and the resources necessary to help create an environment in which democracy can take root.

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  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name.
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