Updated: 06-May-2002 NATO Press Releases

8 June 2000

Final Communiqué

Meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Defence Ministers Session held in Brussels on 8 June 2000

  1. The North Atlantic Council met in Defence Ministers Session in Brussels on 8 June 2000.
  2. We concentrated on reviewing the situation in the Balkans and the progress achieved in implementing the decisions taken by the Heads of State and Government at their meeting last year in Washington. With respect to the latter, we discussed in particular the implementation of the Defence Capabilities Initiative; work on the European Security and Defence Identity; and the Alliance's outreach and co-operation activities, including Partnership for Peace, enlargement and the Membership Action Plan, the Mediterranean Dialogue, and our relationships with Ukraine and Russia, including the need to establish a Military Liaison Mission in Moscow as early as possible. We are in full agreement with the statement made on these and other issues by our Foreign Minister colleagues at their meeting last month in Florence.
  3. We have issued separate statements on the situation in the Balkans and on the Defence Capabilities Initiative.

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