Updated: 10-May-2000 NATO Press Releases

(2000) 046

10 May 2000

by Secretary General Lord Robertson
regarding Croatia

At its meeting this morning, the North Atlantic Council agreed to invite Croatia to become the 26th member of the Partnership for Peace. The Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council at its meeting this afternoon has endorsed this decision.

Accordingly, I will formally invite the Foreign Minister of Croatia to come to Florence on 24th and 25th May to attend the official signing of the PfP Framework Document. I will also invite him to participate in the Ministerial meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council on 25th May.

By turning its back on nationalist rhetoric and policies, Croatia has now become an example for its neighbours and an inspiration for moderate forces throughout the region. By promoting peace and stability in the Balkans, Croatia has demonstrated that the future of the region can be bright. By sharing our values, Croatia has won its place in the Euro-Atlantic family.

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