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12 April 2000

NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson, makes first visit to War Crimes Tribunal

NATO's Secretary General, Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, will go to The Hague on Thursday 13 April. The trip will include his first visit to the International Criminal Tribunal on Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), and comes in the wake of a series of recent arrests, by SFOR troops, of indicted war criminals. Lord Robertson will meet with the Dutch Prime Minister, Mr Wim Kok, and the Foreign and Defence Ministers.


Visit programme

1315 Catshuis - Meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr Wim Kok, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Jozias van Aartsen, and the Minister of Defence, Mr Frank de Grave.
1510 ICTY - Meetings with the President, Judge Claude Jorda, and the Chief Prosecutor, Mrs Carla del Ponte.
1600 ICTY - Joint point de presse.
1630 Parliament Building - Speech at the invitation of the Netherland's Atlantic Commission.

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