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(2000) 028

14 March 2000

NATO International Warning and Detection Exercise

INTEX 2000

In the context of the Partnership for Peace, the NATO Group of Experts on Warning and Detection Systems (GOEWDS) which is a technical body of the NATO Civil Protection Committee, will be holding its international warning and detection exercise INTEX 2000, on Saturday, 18 March, 2000. The objectives of the exercise are:
  1. To test, exercise, evaluate and develop procedures for the timely international exchange of warning, detection and monitoring information on radioactive, chemical and other hazards threatening the population;
  2. To test equipment, communications systems and activate emergency installations;
  3. To exercise, train and familiarise personnel in the above procedures;
  4. To test and exercise international liaison procedures;
  5. To give participating nations an opportunity to exercise and gain experience in agreed procedures and arrangements;
  6. To promote international understanding, co-operation and where possible, interoperability.

The scenarios for INTEX 2000, will include a number of fictitious nuclear, chemical and satellite incidents.

Sixteen nations will be participating in INTEX 2000, including five Partner Nations. At the kind invitation of the Hungarian Authorities, the International Directing Staff from the NATO GOEWDS Operations Working Group, will co-ordinate and oversee the exercise from the Headquarters of the Hungarian General Directorate for Disaster Management in Budapest.

This will be the fourth occasion on which Partner nations have participated on a voluntary basis in an INTEX exercise from their own National Warning Centres. In preparation for the exercise, a training workshop was hosted by the Polish Civil Defence Authorities at the beginning of March 2000.

For further information, please contact the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Directorate on Tel. 32 2 707 4143, Fax 32 2 707 7900.

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