Updated: 29 Feb. 2000 NATO Press Releases

PR (2000) 019

28 Feb. 2000

NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson,
to visit Ukraine

The Secretary General of NATO, Lord Robertson, as well as the Ambassadors-Permanent Representatives, will visit Ukraine from Tuesday, 29 February until Thursday, 2nd March 2000. During this visit, a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission will be held for the first time in Kyiv, with Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Mr. Boris Tarasyuk. Lord Robertson and the NATO Ambassadors will also meet with the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Mr. Viktor Yushchenko, the Minister of Defence, Mr. Oleksandr Kuzmuk, and Members of the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada).


Tuesday, 29 February
20:30 Arrival at Kyiv Boryspil Airport followed by point de presse.

Wednesday, 1 March
10:00 Meeting of NATO-Ukraine Commission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by Joint Press Conference of the NATO Secretary General with Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Boris Tarasyuk.
14:30 Meeting at the Verkhovna Rada.
16:15 Meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Yushchenko
at the Cabinet Building.
18:00 Meeting with the Minister of Defence, Mr. Oleksandr Kuzmuk,
at the Defence Ministry.

Thursday, 2 March
09:30 Opening of Science Exhibition at the Institute of International Relations followed by short point de presse.
10:15 Roundtable discussion on "The importance of NATO-Ukraine relations", attended by Secretary General and Permanent Representatives.
14:15 Secretary General will visit the Magnate School no. 155 (in town).
15:15 The Secretary General will participate in group discussions on scientific cooperation, civil emergency planning, defence reform and economic security organized at Kyiv Institute for International Relations.

Visit to NATO-sponsored Language Classes organized in support of retraining programmes for retiring military personel at Kyiv Military Lyceum.

18:40 Departure from Kyiv airport Boryspil.
Point de presse.

The Secretary General's schedule maybe subject to change. For further information, please contact NATO Press and Media Service in Brussels, tel: + 322 707 50 41, fax: + 322 707 50 57, or NATO Information and Documentation Centre, Kyiv, tel + 380 442 46 86 16, fax: + 380 442 46 86 22.

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