Updated: 17-Feb-2000 NATO Press Releases

(2000) 014

17 Feb. 2000

First joint WEU/ NATO crisis management exercise CMX/ CRISEX 2000

News Conference

On the occasion of the joint WEU/ NATO exercise CMX/ CRISEX 2000, NATO Secretary General Lord George Robertson, WEU Secretary General Dr. Javier Solana and the Permanent Representative of the Portuguese Presidency of the WEU, Ambassador Fernando Andresen-Guimarães will hold a joint news conference on Monday 21 February 12:00 at the WEU Headquarters, 4 rue de la Régence.

The news conference will follow a joint meeting held between the NATO and WEU Councils to discuss the simulated crisis as part of the exercise play.


Council Chamber - photo opportunity for a restricted pool at the opening of the meeting between the NATO and WEU Councils.

Journalists interested should contact the WEU Press &Information Office: Myriam Sochaki, 500 44 55


+32 (0)2 707 50 41
+32 (0)2 707 50 57
B-1110 Brussels/Bruxelles

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