Updated: 3 December 1999 Press Statements


3 Dec. 1999


Meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Defence Ministers Session

  1. The NATO-Ukraine Commission (NUC) met on 3 December 1999 in Defence Ministerial Session, the first such meeting since the Washington Summit.
  2. Ministers reviewed the situation in the Balkans. They welcomed the continuing progress in implementing the Dayton Peace Agreement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and noted the restructuring of SFOR. On Kosovo they noted the achievements of KFOR. They discussed future challenges to KFOR and called upon all communities to work together with the international community in reconstruction efforts. Ministers expressed their determination to playing their part in meeting in full the aims of the International Community as set out in UNSCR 1244.
  3. NATO Ministers expressed their appreciation for the Ukrainian military contribution to IFOR and SFOR and noted that Ukraine will focus its future troop contributions in the Balkans on KFOR.
  4. Ministers reviewed the status of defence reform in Ukraine. Minister Kuzmuk reported on progress and future plans to restructure Ukraine's Armed Forces. NATO Ministers commended Ukraine's commitment to defence reform, and emphasized their continued willingness to assist through the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform.
  5. Ministers reviewed defence-related cooperation under the NATO-Ukraine Charter. They noted proposals to hold expert meetings on defence resource management, force planning and legal issues in the work plan for 2000. They stressed the need to keep the work under review and to follow-up on past meetings in the area of civil-military relations and on education and training.
  6. Ministers also reviewed co-operation under Partnership for Peace. They welcomed steps undertaken in Ukraine to make the Yavoriv PfP Training Centre fully operational and noted the need to ratify the Status of Forces Agreement. NATO Ministers welcomed Ukraine's Individual Partnership Programme proposals for 2000-2001. Ministers noted the wider opportunities in the new Operational Capabilities Concept and Training and Education Enhancement Programme and underlined the important role of the NATO Liaison Office in the effective management and implementation of the Ukrainian IPP.

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