Updated: 29 November 1999 Press Statements


29 Nov. 1999


NATO-Ukraine Commission in Ambassadorial session

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met in Ambassadorial session at NATO Headquarters on 29 November 1999.

The Commission was briefed on the outcome of the presidential campaign in Ukraine resulting in the re-election of President Leonid Kuchma and the reaffirmation of Ukraine's efforts to integrate in European and Trans-Atlantic structures. In this regard the members of the Commission emphasized a mutual commitment to further develop and enhance their distinctive partnership.

The Members of the Commission positively assessed the achievements of NATO-Ukraine cooperation since their last meeting in September. They expressed their particular appreciation of the cooperation between Ukraine and NATO within KFOR and SFOR, stressing their commitment to a multiethnic and democratic Kosovo within the FRY.

Among recent examples of successful cooperative activities the Commission noted the PfP naval computer exercise „Cooperative Support 99" held in Odessa on 13-19 October 1999, the workshop on the defence-related environmental issues in the Black Sea and Azov Sea held on 25-28 October in Sevastopol, the first meeting of the open-ended working group on economic security held in Kyiv on 22-23 November 1999, and the seminar on issues related to regional security held in Brussels on 26 November 1999. The NATO-Ukraine Agreement on Retraining Discharged Military Personnel in Ukraine signed in October was a signal of the practical efficiency of the distinctive partnership. The Commission also discussed the prospects of cooperation related to the Yavoriv PfP Training Center, the Joint Working Group on Defence Reform, the NATO Information and Documentation Center in Kyiv and the NATO Liaison Office to Ukraine.

In the context of preparations for the upcoming NUC ministerial meetings in December, the Commission noted with satisfaction that the activities planned for 1999 were being implemented satisfactorily, and discussed proposals from both sides for the year 2000.

Members of the Commission held an in-depth discussion concerning Ukraine and NATO contributions in the field of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and prospects for future cooperation in the context of the Alliance's WMD Initiative.

The next meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission will be held in Defence Ministerial session on 3 December 1999.

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