Updated: 15 September 1999 Press Statement


15 Sept. 1999

Meeting of the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council at Ambassadorial Level

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met on Wednesday, 15 September 1999 at NATO Headquarters.

Following a briefing on the meeting of Military Representatives under the auspices of the PJC held on 6 September 1999, Ambassadors discussed the situation in and around Kosovo and exchanged views on NATO-Russia cooperation in the international security presence (KFOR).

Stressing their commitment to full implementation of the provisions and goals of UNSCR 1244, NATO and Russia commended the cooperative and professional relationship among NATO participating states and Russia within KFOR and discussed ways to further improve the security situation in Kosovo. They condemned all acts of violence and called upon all the people of Kosovo to support and cooperate with the international security and civil presences.

NATO and Russia also stressed the importance of the September 19 deadline regarding the UCK Undertaking on Demilitarization and Transformation as an additional milestone in consolidating peace and security in Kosovo. They urged the UCK leadership and all Kosovar armed elements to take all necessary measures in order to fulfill all their obligations in this regard. NATO and Russia agreed that the international community should keep this process under close scrutiny and ensure its proper completion.

The next meeting of the NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council is scheduled for 27 October 1999.

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