17 Mar. 1999

NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council Meeting
At Ambassadorial Level

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met on Wednesday, 17 March 1999 at NATO Headquarters.

NATO and Russia continued their regular consultations on the crisis in Kosovo. They will continue their efforts aimed at peace and stability in the region. They underscored the urgency and importance of the ongoing talks in Paris.

Ambassadors received a briefing on the meeting of Chiefs of Staff under the auspices of the PJC held on 10 March 1999.

NATO and Russia reviewed Russia's participation in Partnership for Peace. They discussed ongoing activities and exchanged views and information on further activities later this year.

NATO briefed on ongoing work with regard to the Defence Capabilities Initiatives to be adopted at the Washington Summit with the aim to support the ability of the Alliance to undertake the full range of its missions.

The next meeting of the PJC is scheduled for 15 April 1999.

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