Updated: 29 July 1999 NATO Press Releases

(1999) 111

29 July 1999


by the NATO Secretary General, Dr Javier Solana, on SACEUR

The United States Government has announced its intention to request from the Alliance the release of General Clark from the position of SACEUR as of next Spring.

I would like to use this occasion to pay tribute to all the work that General Clark has done during his time as SACEUR and which he will continue to do until the end of his term. Over the past 2 years I have had an exceptionally close and productive working relationship with him especially in NATO's missions to help bring peace and stability to Kosovo and to South East Europe. I have greatly appreciated General Clark's valuable advice, his dynamic approach to his tasks, his great military professionalism and his deep commitment to the Alliance. He has been a truly outstanding SACEUR during the most difficult and testing time for the Alliance.

I have had the privilege to count on General Clark as SACEUR. He has made and will continue to make a major contribution to peace in Europe and to the shaping of a new Alliance ready for the 21st century.

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