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(1999) 090

31 May 1999

NADC Seminar on Multination, Multi-System Air Defence Training and Exercices

Under the aegis of the NATO Air Defence Committee (NADC), the Bulgarian Military authorities will host an air defence seminar in Albena, Bulgaria from 7 June to 11 June 1999. The seminar is organised in the context of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC)/Partnership for Peace (PfP) Programme and the NADC's Cooperative Air Defence Programme. The theme of the seminar is "Multination, Multi-System Air Defence Training And Exercises".

Experts from twelve NATO nations, eight Partner nations and associated military and civilian agencies are scheduled to participate in the seminar which is the seventh seminar in a series sponsored by the NADC and hosted by NATO and Partner nations.

Amongst the topics to be presented and discussed are:

  • Planning Air Defence Exercises
  • Selection, Education and Training of Air Defence Forces
  • Training and Evaluation at NAMFI
  • Civil-Military Aspects of Training
  • Amber Express 98
  • Air Defence Training in the Bulgarian Forces
  • Integrated Air Defence Training

The presentations and exchange of views on these topics will contribute to a common understanding on issues related to air defence training and exercises. NATO procedures and standards are of particular interest and relevance in light of the focus on enhanced and more operational Partnership as endorsed at the Washington Summit.

Italy will host the next Seminar in October 1999 on the topic 'Air Defence Units Employment, Training and Evaluation for Peace Support Operations'.

Note to Editors

The NATO AIR DEFENCE COMMITTEE (NADC) is the senior advisory body advising the North Atlantic Council on all air defence matters and includes all NATO nations. The NADC meets twice a year with senior Representatives from PfP Nations.

For further information in Bulgaria, please contact:

Colonel Vassil Stoilov
General Staff, Bulgarian Army Forces
Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
Telephone: +359.2.862.2402
Fax: +359.2.987.9693

For further information on the NADC, please contact:

Mr. L. van der Laan
Tel: +32 2 797 4663 - Fax: +32 2 707 4103
1110 Brussels

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