Updated: 15 May 1999 NATO Press Releases


15 May 1999

Statement by the NATO Spokesman on the Korisa Incident

Following Serb claims about a NATO attack on the village of Korisa in Kosovo, NATO has conducted an extensive review throughout the night of its operations in that area.

This was a legitimate military target.

The Serb claims of an attack involving cluster bombs against a non-military target are both false.

NATO identified Korisa as a military camp and command post. Military equipment including an armoured personnel carrier and more than ten pieces of artillery were observed at this location. The aircraft observed dug-in military positions at the target before executing the attack.

NATO cannot confirm the casualty figures given by the Serbian authorities, nor the reasons why civilians were at this location at the time of the attack.

NATO deeply regrets accidental civilian casualties that were caused by this attack.

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