Updated: 1999 NATO Press Releases


8 May 1999

North Atlantic Council Statement

Following its meeting this afternoon the North Atlantic Council wishes to express its deep regret for the tragic mistake of the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

The sincere sympathy and condolences of all members of the Alliance go to the victims, their families and the Chinese government.

NATO never has, and never will, intentionally target civilians. Extraordinary care is taken to avoid damage to other than legitimate military and military-related targets. The bombing of the Chinese Embassy was a deeply regrettable mistake. We continue to review the circumstances surrounding the incident and we will make available any further information as soon as possible.

NATO will continue to pursue its goals: to stop the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo and ensure the Kosovars can return to their homes in peace and security.

NATO is prepared to suspend its air strikes once Belgrade has unequivocally accepted the five key conditions set down by the North Atlantic Council for a peaceful settlement of the conflict.

NATO will continue to support all attempts at a diplomatic solution which respect these conditions. Our mistaken attack against the Chinese Embassy should not diminish or derail these efforts building on the results of the recent G8 meeting.

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