Updated: 4 May 1999 NATO Press Release


4 May 1999

President Clinton to visit NATO Headquarters

On Wednesday 5 May, President Bill Clinton will visit NATO Headquarters and meet with the Secretary General Dr. Javier Solana, the Chairman of the Military Committee, General Klaus Naumann and SACEUR, General Wesley Clark.


06.55 arrival at Main Entrance
restricted pool;
07.25 - 08.00 meeting with Secretary General
restricted coverage;
08.10 - 09.10 military briefing with General Naumann, Chairman Military Committee, and General Clark, SACEUR
restricted pool;
09.35 departure, no coverage

The programme is subject to last minute changes. For further information please contact the NATO Press and Media Service tel: +32-2-707.50.41. For photo coverage please contact Mr. A.J. Soares, tel: +32-2-707.50.46; for TV and radio coverage please contact Mr. G. De Brouwer, tel: +32-2-707.50.49. For pool participation contact Mr. Le Blevennec, tel: +32-2-707.50.38.

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