Updated: 23 April 1999 NATO Press Release


23 Apr. 1999


issued following the Meetings
of the Foreign and Defence Ministers
at the NATO Summit in Washington D.C.

Alliance Foreign and Defence Ministers met informally in separate meetings on 23 April 1999 in the framework of the Washington Summit in order to take stock of developments in the Kosovo crisis.

They exchanged views on the political and military situation and underlined that NATO airstrikes would continue until President Milosevic had met the demands of the international community as reaffirmed by Heads of State and Government today in their statement. They also reviewed the extensive humanitarian support which NATO is providing in Albania and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (1). They welcomed the support for NATO offered by Partners in the region and elsewhere.

Foreign Ministers considered ways to promote security and stability in Southeast Europe through NATO as well as through other institutions.

Defence Ministers considered ways that NATO can contribute to halting delivery of war material to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Ministers paid tribute to the many thousands of NATO servicemen and servicewomen for their unstinting commitment to the Alliance's military and humanitarian missions.

  1. Turkey recognises the Republic of Macedonia with its constitutional name

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