27 Mar. 1999


by the Secretary general of NATO, Dr. Javier Solana,

on the initiation of a broader range of Air Operations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

A few moments ago, I directed SACEUR to initiate a broader range of air operations in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

I have taken this decision with the support of all Allied governments, which are determined to bring a halt to violence in Kosovo and to prevent further humanitarian catastrophy.

With this aim in mind, the broader range of operations will allow NATO Commanders to intensify their action against Yugoslav forces.

Let me reiterate once again: NATO is not at war with the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The responsibility for the current crisis rests with President Milosevic who has refused to stop his violent action in Kosovo and has refused to negotiate in good faith.

NATO's ultimate objective remains to contribute to the achievement of a political solution to the crisis in Kosovo.

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