19 Mar. 1999


PFP Exercise on Exchange of Radiation Information

In the context of Partnership for Peace, on Saturday 20 March 1999, the NATO Group of Experts on Warning and Detection Systems (GOEWDS) - a technical body of the NATO Civil Protection Committee - will conduct its annual one day international exercise (INTEX). The objectives of the exercise are: to test and evaluate agreed procedures for the timely international exchange of information on detection and monitoring of radiation hazards threatening the population; to give participating national organisations an opportunity to gain experience; and, last but not least, to promote international understanding and co-operation.

The exercise will be conducted by a number of NATO nations from their national warning and detection centres (the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal and parts of the United Kingdom). Upon the invitation of the Norwegian Authorities, an International Directing Staff will co-ordinate and oversee the exercise from the Headquarters of the Norwegian Directorate for Civil Defence in Oslo.

This will be the third time that Partner countries will participate on a voluntary basis in the INTEX from their own national warning centres. These nations are Austria, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine.

The ultimate aim of these exercises is to encourage cooperation between national warning and detection systems, thereby contributing to a reliable Europe-wide network of early warning of radioactive release, in case of a nuclear accident.

For further information, please contact NATO Civil Emergency Planning Directorate on tel. 32.2.707.4143 or fax. 32.2.707.7900.

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