27 Jan. 1999

Crisis Management Seminar 1999 (CMS 99)

  • Crisis Management Seminar 1999 (CMS 99), a joint NATO-WEU Ambassadorial-level seminar co-chaired by NATO Secretary General Solana and WEU Secretary General Cutileiro will take place on Wednesday, 3rd February at 1500 at NATO Headquarters.

  • The seminar is designed to contribute to building the European Security Defence Identity (ESDI) within the Alliance by:

    1. helping to develop further and to validate the arrangements for consultations between NATO and WEU;

    2. familiarising both Councils with arrangements developed for such consultations;

    3. serving as a building block towards the Joint NATO/WEU CMX/CRISEX exercise in February 2000.

  • Focussing on a hypothetical scenario for a WEU-led operation using NATO assets and capabilities, Ambassadors will consider how the consultation arrangements would work at each stage of such a crisis; consultations on a worsening crisis; preparations for a WEU-led operation and executing the WEU-led operation.

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