26 Jan. 1999

Visit to NATO by the UN Secretary General, Mr. Kofi Annan, on 28 January 1999

Mr. Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, will visit NATO on Thursday, 28 January, to meet with the NATO Secretary General, Dr. Javier Solana, and to address the North Atlantic Council.


9:00 Arrival at NATO Headquarters. Open coverage on a first-come, first-served basis.

Immediately followed by meeting with North Atlantic Council with the three invited countries. In view of the limited space available, only a restricted pool will be authorized to cover the beginning of the meeting.

10:30 Meeting with the press at Main Entrance. Open coverage.


Journalists wishing to cover the visit will be allowed into the NATO premises on presentation of a NATO accreditation pass or a valid press pass. Photographers and cameramen wishing to be part of the Restricted Pool should contact Mr. N. Fiorenza.


General press arrangements: Mr. Nicholas Fiorenza, +32-2-707.5044
Video, TV, Radio: Mr. J.-M. Lorgnier, +32-2-707.5006
Photos: Mr. Armando Soares, +32-2-707.5046

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