11 Nov. 1998


of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Ambassadorial Session

The NATO-Ukraine Commission met on 11 November 1998 at the Ambassadorial level at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The Commission discussed the implementation of NATO-Ukraine activities undertaken on the basis of the Charter signed in Madrid in July 1997. It noted that considerable progress has been made since the previous meetings of the Commission at Foreign and Defence Ministers' level in May-June 1998. In this context, the Commission heard presentations by the Director of the International Military Staff of NATO and the Ukrainian Military Representative to NATO on the state and prospects of military cooperation between the Alliance and Ukraine. The Commission also discussed priorities for future cooperation, and held a preliminary exchange of views on activities to be implemented in 1999, including on the development of the NATO-Ukraine distinctive partnership in the context of the Alliance's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Members of the Commission welcomed information by the Ukrainian Head of Mission to NATO about the State Programme of Ukraine on Cooperation with NATO recently approved by President Kuchma.

Ukraine welcomed the decision taken by NATO to station two liaison officers in Kyiv, who will facilitate Ukraine's full participation in the Partnership for Peace programme and, more generally, enhance cooperation between NATO and Ukrainian authorities. A Memorandum of Understanding is expected to be signed at the NATO-Ukraine Commission meeting at Ministerial level in December.

The Commission also had an exchange of views on the role of the NATO-Ukraine partnership in strengthening regional security. NATO welcomed the offer by Ukraine to provide assistance in verification missions in Kosovo.

The next meeting of the Commission will be held in Foreign Ministers session on 9 December 1998 in Brussels.

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