30 Sept. 1998

NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council
Meeting At Ambassadorial Level

Press Statement

The NATO-Russia Permanent Joint Council (PJC) at Ambassadorial level met for an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 30 September 1998 at NATO Headquarters.

Ambassadors exchanged information and views on the situation in and around Bosnia and Herzegovina. They focused on the continuation of NATO-Russia cooperation in SFOR within the framework of the multinational force in Bosnia and Herzegovina. NATO and Russia expressed their satisfaction that the elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina took place in a peaceful atmosphere. Ambassadors expressed their hopes that the elected leaders of Bosnia will fully respect the Dayton Peace Agreement.

With regard to Kosovo, the discussion centered on the international community's response to the crisis and the ongoing intense diplomatic efforts - pursuant to United Nations Security Council Resolution 1199 - to find a peaceful solution. NATO and Russia reiterated deep concern about the humanitarian situation in Kosovo and discussed possible measures in this respect.

Ambassadors also exchanged views on the situation in Albania and ways to contribute to stability in the region.

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