24 Sept. 1998


by the Secretary General

following the ACTWARN decision

Just a few moments ago, the North Atlantic Council approved the issuing of an ACT WARN for both a limited air option and a phased air campaign in Kosovo.

The ACTWARN will take NATO to an increased level of military preparedness. In particular, the ACTWARN will allow NATO Commanders to identify the assets required for these NATO air operations.

Let me stress that the use of force will require further decisions by the North Atlantic Council. But today's decision is an important political signal of NATO's readiness to use force, if it becomes necessary to do so.

Finally, let me express the strong support of all Allies for firm Resolution that was adopted in New York last night by the UN Security Council. This Resolution makes it clear what President Milosevic must do:

  • he must stop his repressive actions against the population;

  • he must seek a political solution to the Kosovo crisis based on negotiations, as must the Kosovar Albanians;

  • and he must take immediate steps to alleviate the humanitarian situation.

  • the Resolution and today's decision by NATO underline the unity of the international community and our resolve to find a solution to the Kosovo crisis.

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